Heart of the Hills Swim Club


Welcome to the new home of hhscswim.org.
If you have website questions, please contact bgeiger@hhscswim.org.
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Social Updates
Saturday – August 23 from 3 p.m. – 4 p.m.
Join us for Sundaes on Saturday
$1 Sundaes – No sign up needed – your HHSC account will be charged.
Check the Social & More page and/or the Calendar for August social events.
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Masters’ Swim


Monday, Wednesday, Friday
9:00 – 10:00 a.m.
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 Need more information?
Swim Team contact Susie Smythe - jsmythe8305@wowway.com
Tennis contact Mary-France Oudin - maryfrance_oudin@yahoo.com
Swim Lessons contact Katie Sullivan - coachk8y@gmail.com
Parties - call the club (248) 651-1456 to reserve – first come/first served.
At least one day prior to your scheduled party you must complete and turn in the Party Application.
Stay Informed!!
In order to receive email updates, you will need to register your email address with Trumpia - you can do so on the Sign Up page at http://trumpia.com/onlineSignup/hhscswim/fanout.
Also, please make sure that the Business Manager has a current email address for you – we save money and time if we can contact you by email if necessary. If you didn’t update during the registration process, please send your current email address to bgeiger@hhscswim.org.

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