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The weather should be nice this weekend and we were able to secure staff to open the pool from 1:00-6:00 pm on Saturday (9/12) and Sunday (9/13.) As this is after our normal annual close weekend, some of the furniture has been staged for winter. Some loungers will still be available, but it is suggested bringing a chair. We will not have sign-up genius for these days. It is recommended that you practice social distancing and Covid precautions which include bringing sanitation wipes.
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We also plan to use Remind to send out text messages. This application is geared towards teachers but we think it will work to provide us with a way to send low/no cost messages. Please be patient as we are all still learning this new system.

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There will be two catergories – please only join one or the other. Because we are using the free version of Remind, we are limited in the number of people we can communicate with.

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You will have to sign a waiver prior to using the pool – it is available on the Forms page. We will have copies available at the club but, if possible, please complete and sign before coming to the pool.

Clarification on the Waiver – one form per membership number signed by a bond holder.

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New Member Meeting

The Board hosted a new membership meeting using Zoom on June 10th. If you weren’t able to attend, you an view the meeting by clicking the link below:

New Membership Zoom Meeting
Password: 2t.0c7S0

General Membership Meeting

The Board hosted a membership meeting from the pool on June 15th. If you weren’t able to attend, you an view the meeting by clicking the link below:

General Membership Meeting
Password: 7P&Hq*32

 Interested in joining HHSC?

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Lifeguard Opportunities

Are you interested in life-guarding at Heart this summer? Click the link below for an application.
Once completed, scan and email to apply@hhscswim.org.
We’ll contact you for an interview as we start getting our staff in place for summer 2017.

Lifeguard Application

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Stay Informed!!
Please make sure that the Business Manager has a current email address for you – we save money and time if we can contact you by email if necessary. Please send your current email address to bgeiger@hhscswim.org.

If you have website questions, please contact bgeiger@hhscswim.org.