Formation of the club occurred early in 1960 when Avon and Old Perch Roads were unpaved and large oak trees arched Old Perch. The club was legally incorporated on September 12, 1960. Typical of all new endeavors, the club struggled to interest families in order to establish a financial base. Memberships were not easy to sell with only the promise of a pool.

Originally, the club had planned to build on Hamlin Road. An option was taken on this property and by May of 1961, 110 families had purchased membership certificates at $485.00 each. These funds and a mortgage loan provided the necessary capital to proceed with construction. The option on the Hamlin Road property was canceled by the landowner which necessitated looking for another site. The current site was acquired from the Wake-Pratt Construction Company who was in the process of starting the development of University Hills.

The pool foundation was poured in the late fall of 1961 and the pool opened on July 15, 1962. Formal dedication took place on Memorial Day, 1963, with the club membership at 143. By the end of the year it reached 197.

In 1968, a bylaw amendment set the membership limit at 300 families and the mortgage was burned at the annual meeting.

In 1972, the membership was increased to 325 families to provide additional funds for tennis courts and pool equipment replacement.

The tennis courts were upgraded to three courts in 1984. There were additional bylaws amendments to increase the membership cap to the present 380 families.

In 1998 and early 1999, major renovations were made to the main pool and clubhouse, and the baby pool relocated to its current position. A special multi-year membership assessment funded the commercial loan covering these improvements. The loan was fully paid off in 2003, and now the membership owns the club free and clear of any mortgage debt.

In 2010 the tennis courts and fencing were replaced. The basketball court was repaved and a sand volleyball court was added.

Thanks to the hard work and foresight of the founding members, who are acknowledged on a plaque on the front of the pool house, our families are able to enjoy one of the finest outdoor swimming facilities in the area.