Guest of the Board

‘Guest of the Board’ privileges are being offered to long-standing members as a way to recognize their contribution to the club over the years and to provide a more economical way to continue to be a part of the club. Current members who meet the criteria may retire their bond and membership but continue personal use of the club’s facilities at a discounted price.

If you have been a member for 20 or more years you may be eligible for Guest of the Board status.

Before applying, please note the following conditions of ‘Guest of the Board’ status:

  • If your application is accepted, you are will be asked to turn in your bonds (for refund) and give up all voting privileges.
  • ‘Guest of the Board’ status is limited to the original bondholder and spouse. Your children (including those still living with you) are no longer associate members.
  • Daily guest privileges as defined by the current guest policy will be permitted; extended guest privileges – including grandparent exemptions – will not be available.
  • Participation in organized social events and lessons will be permitted at the same cost as that paid by members.
  • Cost of ‘Guest of Board’ privileges will be 50% of current annual dues.
  • ‘Guest of Board’ status is renewable annually and the program can be terminated at any time by decision of the Board of Governors.
  • If the program is cancelled or you decide ‘Guest of the Board’ status is not a good fit for your family, you have the option of bypassing the waiting list and purchasing a full membership. Current bond price and initiation fee will apply.

The application period for 2020 has closed – please check back in January 2021 to see if the program is being continued.