Waiting List

Last Updated – June 8, 2019
A membership opportunity can come at any time of the year. Please check often to see where you are on the list so you can be prepared when you receive your invitation to join!
Are you already on the waiting list? To give you an opportunity to make sure the club is right for you and to help you start your decision process while waiting for an opening, please accept this special invitation to enjoy one free visit with your immediate family on the day of your choosing during the month of August. You will be able to see the club when it is open, try out the facilities, and get a tour during normal hours.To take advantage of this offer, just choose your day and head for the pool. We suggest that you call the front desk (248-651-1456) or check the website (www.hhscswim.org) to make sure there are no unforeseen closings.
Not on the waiting list yet?
Please allow up to one week for processing of your application. Be sure to include a valid e-mail address so that we can notify you that you have been added to the Waiting List.
If you have any questions please contact Jeff Simonis (jdsimonis@icloud.com) or Barbara Geiger (bgeiger@hhscswim.org).
  1. Chesley
  2. Madden
  3. Zora
  4. Abbawi
  5. Ripley
  6. Blanchard
  7. Weghorst
  8. Sah
  9. Mattei
  10. Garber
  11. Douglas
  12. Gardner
  13. Gray
  14. Dobrovic
  15. Adamek
  16. McGuire
  17. Biondo
  18. Gillum
  19. Ortiz
  20. Hogan
  21. Centofanti
  22. Stalker
  23. Lantzy
  24. Ellis
  25. Sboukis
  26. Dolezel
  27. Mackowiak
  28. Rancillo
  29. Addy
  30. Chatel
  31. Robinson
  32. Amo
  33. Demetral
  34. Lys
  35. Mile
  36. Valente
  37. Najarian
  38. Schalk
  39. McClelland
  40. Donnellon
  41. Walker
  42. Susko
  43. VanRobays
  44. Barash
  45. Meteyer
  46. Funyak
  47. Elston
  48. Tull
  49. Johnson
  50. Moore
  51. Keary
  52. Duberg
  53. Potter
  54. Smith
  55. Krolicki
  56. Carroll
  57. Paljusevic
  58. Wesley
  59. Charboneau
  60. Danowski
  61. Kosch
  62. Angell
  63. Nitz
  64. Korynski