Social & More

We are excited for Summer 2019! Several events are planned and more are possible. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the social calendar. If you use Google calendars, you can add it to your personal calendar.

Don’t miss the End of School party with your HHSC friends!
Friday, June 14, 2019 from 12 -3
$5 per person – regular guest fees will be charged in addition to the party cost for non-members attending with a member.

2019 End of School Party!

Hawaiian theme!

Deadline to RSVP is June 11, tickets will not be sold at the door. The RSVP is for those who plan on eating only.

Parent/high school volunteers are needed for this event – Click Here to volunteer.

If you are listed on this sign-up as of June 11, your account will be charged accordingly, whether you attend the event or not.



Volunteer Opportunities

The best part HHSC is the people. There is nothing better than relaxing alongside the pool with friends and family. And the social events bring us together. To make each event a success, we need volunteers.

Do you have an idea for a social event you want to try?
The social committee will help you set up, pay for, and run an event or you can organize it yourself with friends. We will cover the cost and provide help as needed. Contact Suzanne Tannar at

Do you or your children want to volunteer or need volunteer hours?
There are several opportunities for volunteering, from grounds beautification, to social events to swim team meets. Click here to see available opportunities and to sign up.
We will provide the items needed, including instructions, for you to run an event. For example, sign-up with your children to run a smoothie event for 2 hrs.

Do you have items to donate, lend or sell for HHSC social events?
We are always looking to enhance our social events with items such as a karaoke machine, bounce house, carnival rentals (popcorn machine, cotton candy, hot dog machine, etc.), and trivia games. Please contact the social committee.

Are you in a band and would like to play at our social events?
We would love to have you play! Please contact the social committee.