Class Descriptions

If this is your first time taking lessons at Heart, use the descriptions below to help you decide which class to enroll your child in. If you participated last year, please enroll your child in the class that was recommended.

Children must be 4 years old to participate in swim lessons with the exception of the Parent/Toddler class.

Level Purpose Course Content Includes:
Level T
Introduction to swimming For toddlers age 3 and under
Parents must remain in the water with the child
Level I
Water Exploration
(Water Adjustment Skills)
Orientation to aquatic environment
Create a sound foundation for aquatic safety skills
Supported floating & kicking front & back
Alternating arm action
Water safety rules
How to get help in an emergency
Reaching assists without equipment
Fundamentals of using a life jacket
Level II
Primary Skills
(Floats, kicks, alternating arm actions)
Expand on fundamental aquatic locomotion and safety skills Floating and kicking on front & back
Rhythmic breathing
Combined stroke on front & back
Turning over front to back, back to front
Reaching and extension assists
Familiarity with rescue breathing
Level III
Stroke Readiness
(Arm stroke coordination, front & back crawl, elementary back)
Increase swimming skill competency Practice safety and rescue skills Fundamentals of elementary backstroke
Jumping into deep water with a life jacket
Diving from side of pool
Treading water
Self-rescue skills
Rescue breathing
Level IV
Stroke Development
(Refinement of all strokes learned)
Develop confidence and competency in strokes and safety skills beyond preceding levels
Intro to breaststroke & sidestroke
Deep water bobbing
Dives from side of pool from stride & standing positions
Breaststroke and sidestroke
Turns at wall
Familiarity with CPR
Level V
Stroke Refinement
(Refinement of all strokes learned)
Continue refinement of front crawl, back crawl, elementary back stroke, breaststroke and sidestroke
Introduce butterfly, surface dives and springboard diving
Alternate breathing
Swimming underwater
Open turns on front and back
Diving safety
Beginning diving progression from diving board
Level VI
Skill Proficiency
(Increase endurance, introduction to butterfly)
Develop maximum efficiency and endurance for strokes
Introduce surface dives
Introduce flip turns
Approach and hurdle on diving board
Tuck and pike surface dives Alternate kicks for treading water
Throwing rescues
Turning spinal injury victim face up
Approach stroke
Level VII
Advanced Skills
(Increase endurance, conditioning skills)
Encourage lifetime fitness
Refine strokes learned previously
Develop springboard diving skills
Teach advanced rescue skills
Incorporating learn-to-swim skills and activities into lifetime fitness Springboard dive in tuck and pike positions
In-water rescue techniques utilizing equipment
Conditioning principles skills
Review basic water safety rescue
Assist with a backboard