Youth Clinics

Youth clinics are for children age 4-13 who want to have fun and learn fundamental tennis skills. The clinics are broken out into three week sessions and are limited to 24 participants. Practices are 60 minutes long and occur 4 times a week.

2019 cost: $60 / session
2020 Registration: Pending

Youth Team members save 50% on Session 3b

Youth Clinic Schedule

Session 1 6/17 – 7/3 MTWR 11:30-12:30
No practice Tuesday 7/2
Session 2 7/8 – 7/25 MTWR 11:30-12:30
No practice 7/22, 7/23 or 7/24
Session 3a 7/29 – 8/15 MTWR 11:30-12:30
Ages 4-10
Session 3b* 7/29 – 8/15 MTWR 12:30-1:30
Ages 8-13
*Note: Session 3b is for players with some previous experience. Youth team members can sign up for $30.

  •  Players that have not participated in a prior session will be given first priority in sessions #2 and #3.
  • Each session will provide a minimum of 10 practices. If needed, make-up practices will be offered on Tuesday & Thursday evenings from 6 PM to 7PM starting the week following the end of the session.

Frequently asked questions

Is my child skilled enough to sign up for the team, or is a clinic more appropriate?
Children should be able to get serves in to participate on the team.  If you are not sure, please sign up for the team and come to pre-season practice.  If the coach thinks it’s more appropriate to sign up for a clinic instead of the team, he will let you know after a few practices.

Are teens too old for the kids’ clinic?
Ages 13 and under may sign up for the kids clinic.  Ages 14+ should sign up for the adult clinic.

What if my child is not available to attend the pre-season practice?
That is fine.  The pre-season practices are optional.  The first matches are schedule the first week after school ends, so it will be very helpful for team members to attend the optional pre-season practices if they are able to.